Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cabinet Knob Project - Finale!!

I have finally finished a project started months ago!  The finale is the Kitchen!! (See the prior posts Laundry, Bathroom, Kids Bathroom, Guest Bath, and Breakfast room.)  I'm very happy with the results and the spray painted knobs have held up well.  The estimate to replace all the knobs was $359.16.   The total cost of this project (including replacing knobs I broke in the Kid's Bath with a few from Anthropology) $43.29.  

Kitchen Before: 

Kitchen After:


K said...

wow! that was thrifty! and i love theh dresses from the post before this one. and i am also a pack rat. thankfully there are only dust bunnies under my bed. but my clothes closet needed an overhaul during the holidays. it is now an oasis for clothes. i walk in and a choir starts singing. the shelves need some work but there are no more "if I lose, gain" issues. if it didn't fit it hit the road. felt good!

Charles Zook, Kelly Simon and Rufus Von Schmufus said...

I applaud your follow-through! I'm good at starting projects like this but never getting them finished. :)